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Tiendas Disponibles: Protectorate, Arcane Sanctum, Supportive Vestments, Ancient Weaponry, Enchanted Artifacts, Gateway Relics, Cache of Quel-Thelan, Ancient of Wonders, Sena the Accesorizer, Weapon Dealer y Leragas the Vile.


  • Assault CuirassHeart of TerrasqueBlack King BarAegis of The Immortal
  • Shiva’s GuardBloodstoneLinken’s SphereVanguard
  • BlademailSoul BoosterHood of DefianceManta Style

Arcane Sanctum

  • Guinsoo’s Scrythe of VyseOrchid MalevolenceEul’s Scepter of DivinityForce Staff
  • DagonNecronomiconAghanim’s ScepterRefresher Orb
  • Veil of DicordRod of Atos

Supportive Vestments

  • MekansmVladmir’s OfferingArcane BootsRing of Aquila
  • Nathrezim BucklerRing of BasilliusKhadgar's Pipe of InsightUrn of Shadows
  • Headdress of RejuvenationMedallion of CourageAncient Janggo of EnduranceTranquil Boots

Ancient Weaponary

  • Divine RapierMonkey King BarRadianceThe Butterfly
  • Buriza-do kyanonCranium BasherBattle FuryAbyssal Blade
  • CrystalysArmlet of MordiggianLothar’s EdgeEthereal Blade

Enchanted Artifacts

  • Sange and YashaSatanicMjollnirEye of Skadi
  • SangeHelm of DominatorMalestromStygian Desolator
  • YashaMask of MadnessDiffusal BladeHeaven's Halberd

Gateway Relics

  • Boots of TravelPhase BootsPower TreadsSoul Ring
  • Hand of MidasOblivion StaffPreseverancePoor Man's Shield
  • BracerWraith BandNull TalismanMagic Wand

Cache of Quel-Thelan

  • Gloves of HasteMask of DeathRing of RegenerationKelen’s Dagger of Escape
  • Sobi MaskBoots of SpeedGem of True SightPlanewalker’s Cloak
  • Magic StickTalisman of EvasionGhost Scepter

Ancient of Wonders

  • Clarity PotionHealing SalveDust of AppearanceEmpty Bottom
  • Observer WardsSentry WardsAncient Tango of EssifationAnimal Courier
  • Scroll of Town PortalSmoke of DeceitFlying Courier

Sena The Accesorizer

  • Gauntlets of Ogre StrengthSlippers of AgilityMantel of IntelligenceIronwood Branch
  • Belt of Giant StrengthBoots of ElvenskinRobe of the MagiCirclet of Nobility
  • Orge AxeBlade of AlarityStaff of WizardryUltimate Orb

Weapon Dealer

  • Blade of AttackBroadswordQuarterstaffClaymore
  • Ring of ProtectionStout ShieldJavelinMithril Hammer
  • ChainmailHelm of Iron WillPlate MailQuelling Blade

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